Monday, August 25, 2008


The familiar sound of clump, clump, clump woke me up this morning. Qavah has a "thing" for shoes. Not just ordinary shoes; she has to put on my high heels with a touch of jewels or a bow or two. I found her this morning wearing her night gown and my high heels. She was standing in her room in front of the pretend sink cooking a meal and washing the dishes. She's very industrious and goes as far as to set her small table with pretend dinnerware. All of this is important business. She's modeling her life after me. She is showing me in her play that she desires to be a competent homemaker. And she goes at it with gusto, as though her family is soon to arrive for dinner.

I hope she can see even more than that as I live my life in front of her. I'd like her to be able to learn from me how to handle stress, make wise choices, keep her faith in days of trouble, and learn to lean on God for the wisdom she will need to navigate through the twenty first century. For that she will need to put on my walking shoes. Life is a journey, and with each step, we are leaving a mark for the next generation. I hope with all of my heart that I am walking out my journey of faith in front of my children in a way that causes them to trust God on the path He has planned for them.