Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunday is Almost Here!

Paul and Jim have had success working on their engineering project. They called early this morning from the shop to say that they would be taking this afternoon off! The longest day they put in was yesterday. Sixteen hour days are for kids, but they are kids at heart. Jim and Sandy will be leaving for a leisure trip home to Oklahoma and Paul and I will go back to our routine. The time spent with Christian friends is always uplifting and we were glad for the time we have had with them.

Kathryn is still having some physical challenges but is not discouraged. Her esophagus has some raw places in it that cause her a lot of pain while eating. This happens periodically, but it seems to be lasting longer this time. She has an appointment this week with her GI doctor and will hopefully get some relief. Her Hickman site looks good this morning so we are thankful for that.

As we come to the close of an extra long week of work and hospital visits, we are looking forward to the quietness of Sunday. I once saw a sign in a high school class room that said, "The best break is one that is earned." As we put the accomplishments and efforts of this week aside, we're thankful to rest in the knowledge that God has given us a sweet day of relaxation.

Hey guys, put down the tools, it's time to rest!