Tuesday, September 23, 2008

From the Kitchen

I took Qavah to her GI doctor again today. She has not gained weight over the past few months and his report today was not very positive. I am not looking to the doctors for the help she needs. Her disease is so rare there are no known cases. Most of her doctors don't know what to do. Our hope is in the Lord who made her. He knows when the time is right to move on her behalf. We believe she is going to improve somehow. We have seen miracles in Kathryn's life and I am expecting one for Qavah.

Fernando and Rosa were not kidding when they arrived and said, "We will cook for you." This evening we sat down to a wonderful meal made of beef and several vegetables cooked in a savory sauce. They said it was a typical Spanish dinner for the winter because it is a wholesome and comforting meal. I would say it resembled an American stew. Tomorrow they are making a special chicken dish and found all the ingredients at the new Kroger nearby. They have made two trips to the grocery store because Rosa loves it. I'm not sure whether they have taken their pictures in Kroger, but they have found it a wonderful American experience.

Kathryn is doing very well this week. She is enjoying her job and it has been a source of joy for her. It is also fun to come home and find Fernando and Rosa here making dinner. Our hearts are at peace and I am grateful to find so much joy in the "normal" things.