Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Having Qavah

"Qavah" means hope and patience. When I say it, I wonder why I haven't seen more plaques or wall-hangings using that word. It has a lovely sound. Maybe it isn't as popular as the Hebrew word, shalom, meaning peace. But every home needs shalom and qavah. At night we tuck Qavah in bed asking the Lord to bring healing to her body. Yet every four weeks we hear from the hematologist that her labs show she needs another transfusion. It would be very easy to think God is not hearing us, or that He chooses not to heal Qavah. So we think of her name, and remember that while we are not seeing progress yet, God has a plan for Qavah. And with hope and patience we wait for the healing we believe will come.

This month I'm having my new license plate made for my car. I decided to have the word "QAVAH" written on my plate to remind me everytime I spot my car in a parking lot that hope and patience is a good theme to live by while I wait.

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