Thursday, September 11, 2008

Medical updates

There have been some very positive changes in Kathryn's medical care. For one thing, she has not had an overnight stay at the hospital since last October. We credit that to a GI doctor who is relentless in his care of Kathryn. He saw her this week and changed one of her daily medications to the latest drug to hit the market for acid reflux. It is working very well. He gave her a ten day supply to try. As it turns out she is already seeing improvement. Also, her esophagus is being treated with herbal tea! After weeks of a strange tightening in her throat and esophagus, the doctor told her that he just got a new patient that had complained of the same thing. He tried everything to help her and finally asked her to drink very warm herbal tea at the onset of her problems throughout the day. Kathryn started doing that yesterday and has found relief at last.

Qavah has been low on energy after her last transfusion. She tires easily and with all the doctors' appointments we've had this week, she was worn out today. Her afternoon nap stretched into four hours. We kept activity to a minimum and watched Little House on the Prairie. She was not familiar with the series, so I enjoyed watching her reactions to Pa's fiddle, the Ingalls' cabin, and the little dresses the girl's wore at that time. She comments enthusiastically over many things so I enjoyed observing how she thinks. It was fun to watch her get all excited for the Ingalls' girls when Pa got home from hunting. That's also her favorite part of the day; daddy coming home.

Tomorrow is Kathryn's Remicade treatment. Now that her body has stabilized on Methotrexate, her GI doctor is going to try to stretch her Remicade treatments out further than six weeks. It is normally given every eight weeks. He promised her an immediate appointment for a treatment if she started having symptoms after six weeks, so she is going to try that. The care Kathryn is receiving is something we all prayed for and I can say for certain that God has given her His best. Now we are praying for a new medical team for Qavah. We appreciate your prayers and have seen many of them answered.

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