Friday, September 05, 2008


One of Mom Campbell's favorite candies is the Melt-A-Way mint. They are little round drops of mint flavored white chocolate. They come in a clear bag and the colors are a soft green, gentle pink, and yummy pastel yellow. They have white candy sprinkles on the flat side. I have found them around the holidays at Hickory Farms. They really do melt-a-way right on your tongue leaving a gentle after-taste of mint in your mouth. They are so yummy that putting a candy dish full of them next to a dieter would be plain cruel.

I got to thinking about Melt-A-Way moments today when I lowered Qavah into her hot bath with lavender oil. Her eyes grew glassy and I heard her say, "AAAHHHH!" Then I thought, "If life had more Melt-A-Way moments perhaps we would all eat less chocolate."

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