Wednesday, September 03, 2008

More Birthday

Today we girls woke up with the same idea. We made our way to the kitchen for coffee and leftover birthday carrot cake for breakfast! Just a few bites seemed reasonable and it was a meal that reminded us that we are still celebrating.

After a lovely breakfast we got ready to go to the hospital to have Qavah's blood tested. Just one year ago at the hospital in Louisiana she had to be placed on a papoose board and strapped down to get her blood drawn, while screaming her heart out. Today Kathryn took pictures of a composed Qavah as she was having her blood drawn. As a result of answered prayer, she has learned to trust us and take charge of her emotions. This is something she has to do every four weeks and I see God's goodness in these pictures. He gives even babies the grace to accept and find joy in difficult circumstances. Without complaint she held out her arm and had two vials drawn. She was rewarded with hugs, stickers, and her Red Cross bracelet. I am blessed to witness the daily grace.