Monday, September 08, 2008

Over the River

Yesterday we drove to Fishersville to spend some time with Mom and Dad. After waking up late we had a bacon and egg breakfast. After breakfast we all looked sleepy again and went back to bed. This was a highly unusual Sunday morning for us, but one we really needed. We couldn't get Qavah moving and decided to slow the pace for her sake. We all found it was greatly needed and were happy that Mom and Dad had coffee and cookies waiting upon our arrival.

We caught up on the family news and shared a quiet Sunday afternoon. Back when I was a kid, we used to visit my Grandma and Grandpa on Sunday afternoon. They lived about twenty minutes away, and I remember my Grandmother having a little dish of mints near her chair for visitors like me. She would tell me to take just one, but then she managed to slip me an extra one for my pocket. She had a little ceramic dog that I liked to look at when I visited. The words on the underside said, "made in Japan." It had a head attached to its body with a spring so its head bobbled up and down. I liked to jiggle the head and watch to see how long it could bobble.

I don't really know what made going to Grandma's house so special. But after lunch on Sunday when we heard our names called and the command to get into the car, we got excited. I liked grandma's pillowy hugs. I liked the way her house smelled, that her candy dish was full, and her little ceramic dog was always on the same shelf as my previous visit, as though it sat there all week waiting for my return. Years from now when we are sitting around the table recalling visits to our Grandparents', I know the girls will also remember the sweet "little things" that made them feel loved. We had a lovely afternoon.

Qavah playing with Grandmom's cat, Misty:

Granddaddy wanted another woodworking project after finishing the harp he built for Kathryn. He is now building a bouzouki:

Granddaddy and Qavah:

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