Friday, September 19, 2008

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Many of our friends here in the area may remember our foreign exchange student, Fernando, from Spain. We had him for several summers which gave him a chance to further his education and improve his English skills. We chose to take in Fernando because his documents stated that he played the piano and enjoyed classical music. From that decision we have all made very happy memories with Fernando. My job was to take him shopping for gifts to take home to his Mom and sister. He hated shopping! Well, tonight I heard Fernando's voice on the phone calling from New York. He is back in America. He is now in his second year of medical school and is coming for a visit next week.

We have not seen Fernando for a few years. On this trip, he brought with him a young lady. "You will love her," he said, in a tone that really said, "I love her." She is a surgical medical student and hopes to observe an American operating room during her stay here. Fernando is pursuing a residency at Duke University Hospital next year. It seems like yesterday that he was sixteen and ready to take on the world. Now he is twenty-six and ready to take his place in the world. The time has passed so quickly.

We are hoping for a good week of health for Kathryn and Qavah during the visit with Fernando and Rosa next week. We have a good bit of catching up to do and not a lot of time. We want to show Rosa the view from the Blue Ridge Parkway, the market downtown, and all the reasons why Fernando loved coming back to the United States each year. This evening he called on his new iPhone, purchased from a store in New York; a great little souvenir! I'll post pictures of the visit next week and in them, Lord willing, we'll see Kathryn and Qavah smiling joyfully.

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