Monday, September 22, 2008

Winning Days

I went into Kathryn's room yesterday morning and her face and hands were quite swollen. She was feeling strange and had a terrible sinus headache. We talked about what might have caused the sudden change and traced her steps back to the evening before when she ate ham at a special dinner she attended. Too much table salt affects her the same way as saline in her IV. The ham sent her into an all-day sleep-in with several glasses of water between naps to flush out her system. By evening she was better. Things change quickly with her health, but now that she knows country ham is off her list she can avoid another setback by not eating it. Her list of food sensitivities has grown considerably. However, she still enjoys being at the table with everyone and I try to cook the foods she can tolerate.

Qavah and I have had a good day together. She waited at the Social Security Office with me for over an hour. We took a number when we arrived and her number was twenty-nine. She waited patiently until a woman called out her number and from the squeal that burst forth from her, one would think she was called to be a game-show contestant. She jumped up and down waving her number. I think that was the most excitement the Social Security Office had seen for awhile and it made several people laugh.