Friday, October 03, 2008

Considering the Facts

We are considering the facts as they appear for Qavah. Her health care providers have been pushing a diagnosis of Diamond Blankfan Anemia. However not all of her lab results are consistent with that diagnosis. Where we are having a challenge is finding a group of doctors willing to look at her symptoms for more clues. We don't believe the diagnosis of Diamond Blackfan Anemia is correct.

We are in the very same place we were with Kathryn eighteen months ago. If lab results don't support a theory, medicines that could bring healing are withheld. We ask that those of you who want to make this a matter of prayer would pray for a doctor who will consider all we have learned about Qavah and use a drug to suppress her immune system. This is not something that is unheard of by any means. It could very well stop the destruction of her red cells. We just haven't found the right doctor willing to travel this road with us. Kathryn's care changed dramatically with the use of Methotrexate. But we saw eight doctors and tried everything else before someone was willing to try that drug.

Wednesday morning Qavah came downstairs from her bedroom after a good night's sleep. She laid down on the kitchen floor near where I was working and couldn't get up. She looked like a little colt struggling to get her feet under her. I picked her up, dressed her, and took her for labs. I discovered that after just four weeks her CPC was 6. We stayed at the hospital for an immediate transfusion and she is doing better, but her last three transfusions have been necessary at four weeks. That's a lot of transfusions and we are asking everyone to pray that this cycle will be broken somehow. We know God has a plan for Qavah. She asks Paul to pray for her before she goes to sleep at night and lately she has been asking, "Can you pray that Jesus will make me better?" Her faith is being exercised even at her young age and limited knowledge of what He really can do. Watching Kathryn come back to life my prayer is, "Would you do it again for Qavah, Lord?"