Thursday, October 09, 2008

Do Other People Dream Like This?

I was washing dishes after dinner tonight thinking about the invitation that arrived in today's mail. The paper was thick and beautiful with the state seal of Louisiana stamped in gold. The invitation is to our family, to attend the tenth annual Adoption Reception Celebration at the Governor's Mansion. I thought about what it would be like to tell Bobby Jindal what a great job he is doing with the state of Louisiana, and how thankful we are to the state workers who connected us to Qavah. While I dream that the event would be wonderful to attend, the reality is that a two-day drive with the girls' unpredictable health wouldn't be wise.

Continuing my thoughts on invitations, I accepted an invitation years ago to consider asking Christ to be my Savior. By faith, I took it. I asked Jesus to be my Savior, and repented of the sins I knowingly committed that kept me from having a relationship with God. Certainly having accepted the invitation to spend eternity in Heaven will always be the highlight of my life. As grand as it may be, an invitation to the Governor's Mansion just isn't the same. In Heaven, as I talk to Jesus and see Him face to face, I can ask, "Wasn't that amazing when Qavah, who had never met us before, wrapped her arms around our neck and said, "Come on Daddy and Mommy, let's go home!" I can imagine Him beaming with joy for all of us. I can talk to Him about the day we first held all of our children and I'll want to tell Him how much fun it was to watch their personalities emerge. He is the only One Who can say, "Yes! I was there for every change!" He can agree with me that dimpled fingers of toddlers are replaced by knuckles so quietly that one day we look at our children and wonder when the dimples disappeared!

The dishes are done now, my daydreaming is over, and after this post I'll turn out the light in the kitchen. I wonder if other women think these thoughts while doing dishes. It certainly adds interest to an otherwise routine job.