Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Genius of God

Kathryn and I have had an interesting weekend. I took her to her Alumni weekend at Mary Baldwin College. The event featured Dr. Francis Collins, famous for his scientific discoveries and mapping DNA. We had already met him two years ago in Washington DC, but this weekend we were able to talk awhile with him. Paul Burton also took his viola to a musical gathering at The Oaks, where the Collins family treasures fill an 1840's southern mansion. Paul Burton was able to play along with the Collins brothers while Kathryn wandered around the mansion taking pictures.

The Collins' home schooled their children including their son Francis, and taught them music and drama. Their contribution to Mary Baldwin College is significant. Saturday afternoon we listened to a lecture on how science is "proving" the theory of evolution. Scientists say they now know that the DNA of chimpanzees is so closely related to human DNA, that there was once a connection until a mutated gene caused the evolution of man. There were many affirmative responses in the audience. It sounds reasonable. But Kathryn and I grinned, knowing our God works outside the realm of reason and science, and He has no theories. He created DNA, and He knows not only what it is and how it works, but why it is the way it is.

While listening to the presentation I recalled the later chapters in Job where God spoke to prideful Job and said, "Were you there when I formed the earth, Job? Were you there when I set boundaries for the waters of the oceans?" After a confrontation with God, and experiencing His great power and wisdom, Job humbled himself before the Lord and repented of his pride.

Kathryn and I don't consider ourselves very learned. Neither of us understand math except to balance our check books. But we do have faith. We came home and read Genesis 1:7 which states," The Lord God formed the man from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being." Won't it be fun to get to Heaven and find out the "rest of the story" from the One Who made us? And when He is telling it, I'm sure Kathryn will not be wandering around the mansion taking pictures.