Sunday, October 05, 2008

The Lessons of Job

We attended church with Colin and Jennifer this morning. The morning message came from the very last verses of Job. The Pastor had been preaching from the book of Job for awhile, and today was the conclusion of that study. Of interest to me was how the Lord used those last few verses to speak to Job's friends; the friends who came to give Job their interpretation of what God was doing in his life. After Job suffered with every heartache known to man including the loss of his family, fortune, and a head-to-toe case of boils, the Lord took the last few moments of the whole story to speak to Job's friends.

So often the things we suffer are not exclusively to teach us. The lessons are often used to teach others observing our lives. The Lord concluded His message to Job's friends by basically telling them that while they found fault with Job and tried to reason with him with their limited wisdom, it was Job who understood that He was God. He reminded them that He alone had the answers to the tough questions. He praised Job for trusting Him during the darkest days. Job humbled himself before God almighty and said, "I have heard about you with my ear, but now mine eye hath seen thee." Job 42:4

I'm sure many who suffer from rare diseases and those with no cure can relate to Job's suffering. We just read the news that another young woman has died from the complications of HPS. She had just turned twenty-six the day before she died. My heart goes out to all of those who are waiting and hoping for a cure as they see their friends' lives come to an abrupt end at such a young age. Before Kathryn's diagnosis we did not even know this syndrome existed. It not only exists but it is ruthless. We would be untruthful if we did not admit that along with that news we quietly wonder how much more time we will have together here on this earth. I asked God to comfort those in the HPS community who mourn another death. I've asked Him to draw near to those with this diagnosis as they wonder how many days, weeks, or years, they have left. There are no easy answers like the one's Job's friends offered, and for which they were rebuked and told to repent. May God's love be very real to those who mourn tonight.