Friday, October 17, 2008

Thank You For Those Prayers!

I watch Kathryn leave for work in the morning and I can hardly believe my eyes. She looks beautiful and is getting stronger all the time. I credit that to faith and answered prayers. I have longed for these days. Almost every evening Kathryn gets home with exciting news about her day, and is able to eat what I fix for dinner. Even on the days she takes Methotrexate, she is able to work through the nausea. Your faith, your prayers, and our Great God brought us to this place.

I am trying so hard not to be overwhelmed with frustration over Qavah's condition lately. We have seen how God worked in medical challenges with Kathryn, and it should keep me in perfect peace! Yet I find myself searching the internet looking for research, testing, diagnosis, and therapies, that could possibly shed some light on Qavah's medical problems. She has been out of breath and has had very low energy the past two days yet she is still two weeks away from her next transfusion. I am asking, seeking, and knocking on doors. I'm like the woman in the Bible looking for her lost coin. We finally received a report by mail today detailing what the specialist at UVA had to say. In that meeting we agreed that she needs a bone marrow biopsy and genetic testing again, since it has been almost five years since that was done and her condition has remained unchanged. But these rare diseases are challenging for doctors because they don't know how to begin treating the symptoms. I hope I am praying big enough when I ask God to pour out His wisdom on Qavah's doctors. I have a feeling we have not yet met the doctor that will be the instrument of blessing to Qavah. But my eyes are searching the horizon for the one the Lord will supply.