Monday, October 27, 2008

Transfusion Time

Qavah woke up Sunday morning and crawled up on my lap. I rocked her wrapped in her blanket and she said, "I want to go get some blood from Dr. Meck." I am amazed by the way she is beginning to understand her own body. Today her labs showed a need for a transfusion so she was given her Red Cross arm band and a ten o'clock appointment to get a transfusion in the morning. Her CBC was 6.5 today.

We have had a sudden opportunity to take Qavah to a hematologist in another state. The appointment was made through a friend of mine, and it all transpired in such a remarkable way that we are all in awe. She will see one of the best hematologists in the world next month. I can only shake my head with wonder and thank God that He hears and answers prayer. I am not going to give names and location just yet, but our every need has been met before we even set out on our journey. This upcoming appointment is a gift from the Lord. There is no other way to explain how things fell into place. Our prayer is that God will inspire him to do something for Qavah.