Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Weekend

The girls have had a very good weekend so far. It is amazing to see Kathryn doing things she used to do and enjoying herself. On Friday she went shopping with a friend and to a movie. Tonight she went to the Civic Center to hear a concert with Colin and Jennifer. And tomorrow she is planning to go to her Sunday Bible study. It is miraculous to us. Just to see her having so many good days in a row is rare, and so wonderful.

While Kathryn is on her feet and having fun, Paul and I are trying to get some projects finished before winter. The garage hasn't been cleaned in two years, and we have had to let a lot of household things go in order to take care of the girls and their needs. Now that we have this window of opportunity we hardly know where to start, but it is giving us a great appreciation for the good days of health we used to take for granted.

We're looking forward to a restful Sabbath Day. The weather here in Virginia is perfect in the daytime and the temperature at night could not be better for a deep restful sleep without the sound of the air conditioner or furnace turning on. I love the One Who gives me these simple pleasures. Enjoy your day.