Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Thank you for your encouraging comments on the previous post. Sandy's prayer is a good one for all of us and I must say her prayer for me was answered in a big way. A strong dose of courage in the morning accomplished many things!

After waiting around yesterday for all the return phone calls, by the end of the day I heard back from everyone I left messages with but for two doctors. Insurance matters were settled, appointments were made, tests were ordered, and my car even got to the shop for a transmission overhaul. Things got done!

"Prayer changes things" is not just a trite expression. I wonder how many things that happened yesterday were the result of answered prayer from years past, also. Yesterday's successes may have been set in motion many years ago when I fell asleep at night to the sound of my grandmother praying over me. I'm so grateful that He inclines His ear to us in every circumstance. He heard my cry for courage and answered.