Saturday, November 01, 2008

A Change We Can Count On

The girls have had some health challenges this week and continue to rely on medicine, God, and answered prayer. God has been faithful to supply their needs. Kathryn had a very bad night this past Wednesday. She began to bleed internally again and I spent most of the night trying to keep her electrolytes balanced. A quick Remicade treatment brought Kathryn's symptoms under control by Thursday afternoon, and she was back to work on Friday. Qavah has skin peeling off her little hands right down through several layers. They are sore and we are trying everything to help them heal. However, at her doctor's appointment this week I was told that her white cell count was not high enough to fight infection. With her hands cracked and open I am having to be extra diligent to keep them clean and covered with antibiotics.

Every day I live with two girls who struggle. Some days Qavah is so weak she doesn't have the strength to carry her own body up and down the stairs. In spite of everything, our girls continue to teach us about joy in the face of adversity. Kathryn and Qavah both have a way of enjoying the simple pleasures of this life far beyond many able-bodied people. During the night of her pain, Kathryn and I spent hours praying for this country and the election. By God's grace she is able to see beyond herself, even when her body is screaming for attention. The girls have learned to live the good days with a joyful heart. We learn from them what it means "to serve the Lord with gladness."

I've put off writing about the presidential election knowing that this site is dedicated to those who follow it for information concerning Qavah and Kathryn. But my heart tells me that it is time. We have all heard major criticism about our country on all fronts. We have heard about the health care crisis, Iraq crisis, economic crisis, and every other crisis. I find it interesting that many people in this country look to one man to solve the world's problems. They look to one man to blame for it all and think that all we need is for someone else to step up front and center who proclaims he can fix it all. They want someone who looks "presidential." They want him to fix all the "crises" and make us all happier to be Americans.

For two years we have been a family in crisis. For those who have followed the blog, I know you will agree that we have had some major challenges. If we had relied only on our own wisdom, medicine, or human doctors, our hearts would have been drowning with a feeling of helplessness. But through prayer and Bible study we were able to go to God with every challenge, cry out to Him, and then step back and watch Him work. Our family crisis is no different than our national crisis. Therefore, I'm not looking for a man to step into the picture to fix anything. I am looking for the mighty power of God. He changes the seasons, He changes lives; why would He not be interested in changing the broken things in our society?

In this election Sarah Palin has been the most vocal about her faith. She has said herself, "The outcome of this election is in God's hands." I believe she has a healthy world view that acknowledges the broken things in our society but has not made grand sweeping statements about how everything will be fixed and everything will be better if she wins. I am voting McCain/Palin not because I think they can fix everything, but because they both have held to their belief that life is precious and must be protected right down to the tiniest human being. They may not fix the culture, the economy, or the problems in the Middle East, but they have both shown by their actions and their voting record that human rights belong to the smallest and most helpless members of our society.

But the real change is the one that is to come. The change we are all looking for is the one we will have one day if we have placed our faith and trust in the work of Christ on Calvary. His death for our sin made it possible for us to enter into the Kingdom we all long for. The Kingdom to come will be that place where justice prevails. It will be a place of peace and safety that eludes us here on earth. In Heaven I will see my girls run and jump in freedom with their new bodies. I will see "crisis" give way to eternal joys and peace. If our election could change just one thing, I would hope it would change the way we think about God. He is what we are looking for. "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord."