Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Daily Plans

This morning the telephone woke me up early. A voice on the other end of the line began asking me all of the typical questions on a patient "intake" form and soon I was giving Qavah's insurance numbers and detailed information to another hospital. Hope is rising in my heart and I am very excited about the trip Qavah and I will take next week. She knows something is up, and is begining to talk about it. Until then we have videos to take back to the library, grocery shopping, and Daddy's birthday celebration tomorrow night. While I am carrying on with normal daily tasks, my heart is in constant prayer that the Lord will bring healing to Qavah.

A medical update might help those who follow this blog. Qavah has had a malabsorption problem and insufficient pancreas function since we got her. She had a feeding tube until the age of three and a half, when she pulled it out herself. Rather than surgically replacing it, her doctor at that time decided to see if she could eat on her own. She has been eating on her own for a year and a half now but is not growing very well. Her recent labs showed vitamin deficiencies and very low red and white cell counts. Both her hematologist and GI doctors have strongly suggested putting in a new port and feeding tube. So this is a critical time for Qavah. We are asking God to guide and direct the doctors who have not tried any drug therapies for this problem that has plagued Qavah since birth. We believe God is going to use a certain drug to bring about a significant change in Qavah's condition and have been fasting and praying for a particular drug that may help. Our faith is being tested, and at times when Qavah's doctors call with discouraging test result, we have to hold on by faith.

In the meantime, Qavah was put on a drug, Ursodial, for her pancreas problems and after five days we are seeing her appetite pick up. She has been drinking Ensure and is feeling stronger. Now we need to pray that God will move on her behalf to bring this Red Cell Aplasia under control. That is what I hope will happen as a result of our trip next week. We are asking for a miracle.