Thursday, November 13, 2008


We are grateful for your prayers. God has been faithful. We visited Wake Forest Baptist University Hospital yesterday with Qavah. The doctor we met with is a specialist in rare blood disorders and was very interested in Qavah. Her story touched Dr. Sabio's heart in a big way. We talked with him for about half an hour in the morning. Then he invited us to come back after lunch and spent most of the afternoon with us. Please join us in a prayer of gratitude for two doctors actually; Drs. McMullen and Sabio.

As a result of the meeting, we have several things to take care of in the form of lab testing. Some of Qavah's blood work will be sent to the University of Toronto. There will be more genetic testing also. That can be done by shipping her blood so we will have no need to travel. Doctor Sabio told us that in the event the testing still does not produce a diagnosis, he will not just "sit on his hands." By expressing that, we knew that he was willing to try drug therapies in an effort to control this disease. And he told us he would. Some of it will be research since this condition is so rare. But we have believed all along that God can and will work through a medication to bring healing to Qavah as He has done so with Kathryn.

My mind plays a scene almost every day. I picture Qavah starting a drug therapy and I take her for routine monthly labs. Then I come home and wait by the phone. The phone rings and on the other end I hear Qavah's hematologist exclaim, "The blood test is normal; no need for a transfusion this month!" What else is there left for me to do at that point than to fall on my knees and worship? That's my dream and it is very real to me.