Thursday, November 27, 2008

Kids of all Ages

The "family" dinner routine has changed for us. Most of the time Paul Burton prepares something for himself at odd hours of the day since he works twelve hour shifts. Although he lives on our property we don't see him very much during the work week. Today he worked at the hospital all day and took sweet potatoes and cranberries with him for the OR staff Thanksgiving lunch. He has called home three times today just to find out what we were up to. It was a slow day at the hospital. There were very few surgeries and only a couple of emergencies, so his day was rather uneventful.

Kathryn's Methotrexate treatment was today, so she didn't have an appetite. She took it easy and worked on laundry. Paul and I had various projects to finish. That left Qavah to fly around the house wearing her princess costume waving her magic wand. After her transfusion yesterday she had more energy than the rest of us put together.

When we do get to sit down together for a meal it is a lot of fun to listen to the table conversation now that we've thrown a five year old into the mix. Recently we ate at the Chinese restaurant and at the end of the meal the waitress brought the traditional fortune cookie. Qavah loves to break her own cookie and then we read her fortune aloud for her. That gives her a thrill. Then Paul Burton read his and the conversation went like this:

Paul Burton: (reading his fortune) "You will receive words of wisdom from a child." Then he asked, "Qavah, do you have any sage advice for me?"

Qavah: "What?"

Paul Burton: "I asked if you had any sage advice for me."

Qavah: (With a very serious look) "No I don't, I keep all my toys upstairs."

One thing is true about kids of any age; they provide us with entertainment.