Monday, November 03, 2008

Peaceful Day

It was a quiet day for us. The afternoon was spent in the rocking chair where Qavah and I listened to music for almost two hours. She was completely content to be on my lap wrapped in her blanket having her hands massaged with an antibiotic gel. The doctor who saw her hands on Friday did a double take. Her hands looked as though the skin had been burned off and they were cracked and peeling. At first he just stared. Then he started talking rapid-fire about zinc deficiency and how he had seen it once before. After four days of taking zinc, Qavah's hands are rapidly healing. They have new skin forming that is as soft as baby skin. It is thrilling to watch how fast healing is taking place.

I'm very thankful that Qavah likes to be held and rocked. Although I did spot a few dust balls today, I have reached the age that I can say, "nothing in my day is more important than rocking Qavah," and mean it!