Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Cards

Paul picks up the mail at the end of his work day and brings it to the house after parking his car for the night. It's almost dark when he arrives home but when he opens the door with a hand full of Christmas greeting cards everything seems to brighten up a bit. I particularly enjoy the cards with family pictures and news of friends I've loved for so long. After devouring the words I put the greeting cards in a basket for the rest of the holiday season. I'll reread them in the days to come, pondering the grace of God in all their lives.

The basket of cards is left out on a table so that when the grown kids are home they can look through the basket as well. They'll pull one out and say something like, "Wow! I remember when they visited ten years ago and..." They also have fond memories of growing up and enjoying our friends. I do treasure the time I get to have with friends, even when it is sitting with my feet up in a comfy chair and reading their newsy letters about the events of their lives this past year.

My grandmother and her friends used to save all their Christmas cards, punch small holes along the edges, and then stitch them together with yarn to make a Christmas basket. I remember sitting with one of those baskets on my lap examining all the different Christmas cards. When I was little I thought the most beautiful cards were the ones with sparkles glittering in the light. But of course the most beautiful cards are the ones signed, "Love..."