Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Help for Kathryn

We have had many answers to prayer. Kathryn saw the doctor yesterday and found that while her gums do need surgery after the first of the year, the source of her pain is a very large ulcer along the gum line. Her hematologist wants to draw labs tomorrow to make sure there is no infection associated with the ulcer. The dentist also took a mirror and showed me that there are several more ulcers developing behind her front teeth. He asked whether Kathryn had any trauma over the past few weeks and when I explained her reaction to the drug Boniva, he said that he thought this was all a part of it. While Boniva seemed to be helping to build her bone at first, it has done some major damage this time. It is also responsible for the pain in her jaw. I have a website address to report her reaction to Boniva that one of her other doctors sent to me, and I plan to write that out later today. Her bruising has stopped now, and I'm hoping these ulcers pass just as quickly.

We are looking forward to celebrating Christmas with extended family and hope Kathryn will be feeling better for that. Kathryn's electrolytes are off again and she hasn't been able to get up yet this morning. Paul Burton and I were just discussing the fact that the Boniva is still at work drawing too much calcium from Kathryn's bloodstream. So over the next few months we will just have to give her the right amount of calcium to keep her body better balanced. One thing this drives home to me is the awesome way in which we were created. Everyday we wake up, go to work, eat, and sleep, and most of us never have to think about keeping things in balance. The fact that God has designed us in such a way that many of our bodies function year after year without a glitch is amazing to me. We outlast our automobiles and appliances.

We appreciate your prayers so much and the encouragement you give us. We received many emails with your prayer requests and have prayed for them all. We hope that blesses you back!