Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Qavah's Medical World

My neighbor Kim brought six cases of Pedia-Sure over for Qavah tonight. She had extras. Qavah drinks them like milk shakes and it adds seven hundred calories to her diet per day. She has gained three pounds since November 12th and has managed to keep them all! I can hardly wait until the GI doctor sees her next week. She looks so much better than the last time he saw her. If you've had a child who was not thriving and suddenly things get turned around, you know what I mean when I say every ounce is worthy of a "hallelujah!" shout. I am also fortunate that Qavah takes her bitter pancreas medication faithfully without a fuss. She got it out of the refrigerator tonight and shook it herself. She said, "Time for my nasty medicine!" It is another gift to us that she takes all of these things in stride. Children adjust to things so quickly.

Another thing I find endearing is that once Qavah gets to know some of our guests, she will check their arm veins to find the best ones for drawing labs. This is all so much a part of her world she thinks nothing about rolling up a sleeve to check for a plump vein. In spite of the fact that her first five years have been wrapped up in the medical world, we are praying that she will one day be free to live her life without transfusions. She's old enough now to remember these tough times, and wise enough to know that when a cure comes, it will change her life. "Bring it on, Lord!"