Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Troubled Waters

Kathryn told us during dinner last night that there was a high pitched ringing in her ears and that her heart was racing. I immediately blamed it on the sodium in her dinner and thought she would be fine if she consumed water to flush it out of her system. But by nine o'clock she was much worse and unable to communicate. Her muscles were locked and she had difficulty breathing. I prayed for wisdom and sat down to think. It suddenly occurred to me that Kathryn had just had her third treatment of Boniva two days before. That drug pulls calcium from the bloodstream and helps to rebuild bone. I think her bloodstream was not able to supply the right balance for the Boniva so I reached for calcium and vitamin D and gave her magnesium to loosen her muscles. While attempting to correct her electrolytes she began to feel a crushing pain in her joints and I gave her extra prednisone. As all these things began to work in her system I had a feeling that God was guiding my thoughts and helping me. An hour later Kathryn was able to sit up and talk to me but her electrolytes have been off all day today. In spite of that she went to work and took extra medication with her. Tonight she went right to bed but I am noticing her body is now covered in bruises. They are everywhere. I am hoping the hematologist can see her tomorrow because she is feeling exhausted. Her last blood draw was yesterday and it showed very low iron levels as well as low white and red blood cells.

Although the waters seemed troubled during the night, there have been periods of sunshine today. I was able to enjoy playing with Qavah and Annelise early this morning. Qavah also had her transfusion at the hospital today and is feeling much better. She is hanging on to the three pounds she gained this month and the nurses cheered for her. I was so proud of her for holding her little arm out and accepting another transfusion even though she just had one two weeks ago. She's very brave.

I am looking at my normal Christmas "to do" list and have resigned myself to the fact that I'm going to have to let a lot of holiday traditions go this year. But I do so without guilt, knowing we will not put aside the most important thing; the worship of the newborn King, Who grew up sinless, was put to death, raised to life, and now intercedes for me, guiding my mind and hands as I care for my girls. He is worthy to be praised.