Sunday, December 21, 2008

Trying to find Help

The weekend has been a bit of a challenge as Kathryn has faced some painful reminders of the complications of HPS. Last Friday her gums began to bleed. Because of her platelet dysfunction, that was hard to get under control. By Friday night the pain in her jaw prevented her from eating, and by Saturday afternoon she was pretty much miserable.

Kathryn's gums have been receeding for the past year to the point that her roots are now exposed. That was due in part to her medications and bowel absorption problems. But before grafting can be done there is the matter of infection and bleeding to address. I had called around Roanoke looking for an oral surgeon when I noticed the need for more grafts this past summer. But when I explained Kathryn's condition, it seemed the concensus was that she needed someone better qualified.

Yesterday we finally contacted an oral surgeon that had worked on her mouth before we knew Kathryn had HPS. He did return our call this afternoon. But now Kathryn is running a fever and the pain is unmanagable. That surgeon is trying to locate Kathryn's hematologist to discuss what can be done. She needs the help and as things have gotten worse for her throughout the day her adrenal system has taken a hit. I've increased her prednisone and am trying to keep her electrolytes balanced.

Kathryn and I spent several hours praying this afternoon and the focus of her prayers are not for herself. There are so many needs in the lives of our friends right now. Although it is such a blessing to ask for prayer from our blog readers, we understand that there are many others who need our faithful prayers as well. Send us your requests because Kathryn said we will be up tonight.