Sunday, January 11, 2009

Couch Potatoes All

This afternoon was rainy and cold. Our house has reached it's wintertime dampness level. That means even with wearing sweaters we have started feeling a little chilled all day, a little aching in our bones, and started talking about a trip to Florida to warm up. So we sat on the couch under blankets watching a movie. We watched The Scarlet and the Black. It is based on a true story of a Roman Catholic Priest during WWII. He bravely helped over 4,000 people escape the Nazis during the German occupation of Rome. It had all the elements of a great movie with a great ending.

At the close of this day we are getting ready for another work week. We talked to Qavah today about the important blood test she is going to have tomorrow. She was actually really intrigued as we showed her pictures today of cells that could be seen under a microscope. We told her that we might find out why some of her blood cells disappear every day. I started giving her more information about these things since I discovered that Qavah has some anxiety about what is going to happen to her. Paul and I took her to an office building recently to take care of some adoption paperwork and with a worried look on her face she asked, "am I going to get stuck (meaning a needle) today?" Since then I have made it a point to tell her where we are going and why. She is learning that she can trust us and that warms all of our hearts.