Tuesday, January 13, 2009

DNA On the Way

Yesterday morning when Qavah and I got to the hospital lab, the documents, test packaging, and lab technicians were waiting for us. By the time we left, the samples were being packaged for the airport. Qavah's blood samples were supposed to arrive in Spokane by evening. This is the test that is most likely to give the scientists the information they need to help the doctors treat her disease. I signed a document giving them permission to use their findings for future reference in other cases of rare diseases. I hope it helps others in some way.

For last week's blood transfusion it took the nurse four different tries to find a good vein in Qavah's arm. Qavah was not very happy about that. I knew I had to give her a good reason to hold her arm out again for this important blood sample. So I had the idea of rewarding her by painting her fingernails pink if she sat very still and didn't make a fuss. While she took her bath early yesterday morning I held up the brightest pink nail polish I have and asked, "If you are brave today, can I paint your fingernails when we get home from the hospital?" She really got excited about that idea and did some squealing to prove it. Just before the blood test I whispered in her ear, "nail polish for a brave girl!" Holding out her arm, she sat up brave and strong! And to make a long story short, she fell asleep last night staring at her pink fingernails looking very satisfied.

Lord, thank you for the ways you think of to comfort us and delight us when we are called upon to do something difficult. Thank you for pink nail polish. Amen