Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Dreams come true! Dreams start with an idea. The idea starts to take shape, and before you know it you are buying a horse! Qavah started telling people four weeks before Christmas that she would like to have a horse for Christmas. I listened at a distance and thought about getting her some movies about horses to fan the flame of her dream. When anyone asked her what she wanted for Christmas she would say, "just a horse!" One of her nurses asked her, "How are you going to get the horse into your house?" Qavah nearly fell on the floor laughing at the idea of trying to get a horse into the house. I had to admit that Qavah really wanted a horse, not just a movie about a horse, and I told Paul we had to come up with something or see a very disappointed girl at Christmas.

We discussed taking Qavah for a horseback ride, books about horses, toy horses, and nothing came to mind until the week before Christmas. I went to the computer and looked at various rocking horses until I found one that would fit her for a few years. One that would handle up to one hundred pounds at least. Hoping for the best, I ordered a horse and anxiously wondered if seven days would be enough time to get it here from California. On Christmas Eve a big box arrived. Inside was a pinto pony and it was as wonderful as the picture I had seen on the internet. Qavah rides everyday and the pretending is never-ending. Her horse's name is "Checkers." We've noticed Qavah's legs have been getting stronger from rocking. In every way we are thankful to have Qavah and thankful that we can help make her dreams come true.