Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Health Updates

Kathryn saw the GI doctor yesterday and he took a look at her mouth ulcers and lip blister. He thinks it would be a good idea to wait to give her Remicade because it would take the ulcers so much longer to heal. So while she has been thinking Remicade this Friday is a good idea because of her other current problems, she has been asked to wait on her treatment giving the mouth ulcers more time to heal. These mouth ulcers have been a problem since the week before Christmas. The problem is wearing on her system but she still went to work today and had a good day. Yeah Kathryn!

Qavah saw her GI doctor today and she is back on a medication that he thought she was ready to stop. After four days of being off one of her medications, she had started having problems with her bowels and loss of appetite. She has lost a pound since Sunday. Her pancreas is happier with Ursodiol. We have some ground to gain, but after the first dose this afternoon she wanted to eat a banana. Several of you have asked whether we have received the test results from her genetic study. We have not, and while I'm not sitting home waiting for the phone to ring, I'll be glad when it does.

We are enjoying Netflix during the day as well as the evening now. Qavah has been watching old musicals and dancing along with Fred and Ginger. I don't know if it is the long flowing dresses or the happy music but she has been one cheerful girl these days. I bought her a princess "dress-up" gown on Tuesday. It has a very large collar which she has declared to be "fairy wings." Paul was at home babysitting Qavah and I was in my car when my cell phone rang. When I answered he stated, "This dress is dangerous!" I said, "Well, if it is too long I will hem it up when I get home." "That's not the problem," he said, "she keeps jumping off high places expecting to fly." While she has a few health issues there is absolutely nothing wrong with her imagination.