Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remicade Tomorrow

Kathryn hasn't eaten much today but has her heart set on a piece of home-made apple cake after her Remicade treatment tomorrow. It is amazing how fast that treatment settles things down. She had a hard day, but still got in a full day of work. I am so thankful for Remicade. Qavah has been such a good girl today and helped me with little chores around the house. We taught her how to empty the small trash cans from the bathrooms into a large bag. When she sees the little cans filling up she has been emptying them several times a week all on her own. Her other job is to clean the fuzz from the dryer lint trap between laundry loads. She likes the feel of the soft lint and rolls it into a ball. Both girls are doing very well. They have their aches and pains but they have smiled a lot today. Paul and I are thankful for these good days.

Father help us to be glad for all you are planning for us. Let us be patient in trouble, and prayerful always. Romans 12:12