Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sunshine, Clear Sky, New Microwave Oven

We've had just enough rain lately to wash the atmosphere squeaky clean. Today the mountains were stark gray against the clear blue sky and it seemed like the sunbeams bounced right off of them. It was a day for sunglasses without the warmth of summer. The girls and I had a lot to do since it was Remicade day, errand running day, and the microwave oven gave out before company coming this evening. I called Paul on the way home from the hospital and told him I needed a new microwave by dinnertime. I guess he checked his watch, then asked, "How are you going to shop for, and buy, a microwave with dinner being an hour-and-a-half away?" That sounded like a dare to me! I pulled into the nearest home improvement store where I had remembered seeing microwaves before. I looked at the white microwaves, picked the one with the most visible numbers for Kathryn to see, and had it at the register in less than ten minutes. So next time you are browsing the stores together and your husband asks, "What are we looking for?" you can tell him that browsing is good practice for "buying" in a future emergency.

Kathryn is feeling better tonight and did have her piece of apple cake. Qavah's doctor called this afternoon to say that the results are back on the genetic testing and we have an appointment to go over the findings next Tuesday morning. I've heard a friend with many challenges say recently, "It's all good." That's how I felt about today.