Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Visit from Helen

I got a call from my friend Helen two days ago and discovered that she would be in the area for the next few days so we got the guest room ready. We just had a late dinner and we are all going to bed early this evening. Although we can't pinpoint anything particular, I can tell Kathryn is not feeling well. It isn't a sore throat or anything, just tiredness, a fever blister, and not the usual pep in her step.

Qavah sees her GI doctor tomorrow. She also told me several times today that she was tired and fell asleep in her car seat when we went to take Kathryn to her appointment. I listened to the radio in the car from time to time as I made my way around Roanoke this afternoon and caught bits and snatches of the speech the world was waiting to hear. I heard the words, "Tough times, worsening economy, and failing businesses." It sounded like those times in the Charlie Brown features when an adult is talking to the children and it comes out sounding like, "Wa Waaah, wa wawa, waaah, waaahhhh." It put Qavah to sleep, and put me in a frame of mind to rest this evening in the promises of the One True God.