Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Busy Tuesday?

It was Paul's first day back to work after a three day weekend so naturally it has seemed like Monday all day. I have been confused several times today about the day of the week and hoped it wasn't another indication that old age is setting in. It was a good day in many ways.

Kathryn saw the Oral Surgeon today and was cleared for another six months but he is watching several places where the roots of her teeth are exposed. A great blessing has happened in this situation. Kathryn's insurance will not cover dental problems unless she needs surgery. So all these visits would be costly and overwhelming if not for the fact that the Surgeon told her that he will not be charging her for his services. He gave her a fluoride treatment today to protect the exposed roots and dropped her records at the front desk saying, "No charge." I have cried about it already. But it was a good cry. It overwhelms me sometimes when things like this happen in a world where bad news is the theme of most network news.

We are so very thankful tonight for all that God has done for us. At times we feel washed in joy because the girls are doing so well, and we are taking advantage of every good day we have. I wish I had been this grateful for everything when things were easy. Suffering is such a good teacher.