Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Since the diagnosis we received yesterday, I have been getting things together to begin moving Qavah's medical care from Roanoke to North Carolina. Qavah can survive a long time on transfusions alone, but now that there is a diagnosis, there are medications that can be tried to put this disease into remission. We believe God has a special plan for Qavah, and we are privileged to be on the front row as His plan unfolds. We are grateful for all the offers of help, and for your prayers. I'll know more about our travel plans by the end of the week.

Qavah has been cheerful, playful, and happy all day. She just finished playing a game with her Daddy that involved a beach ball being thrown wildly around in the library. She couldn't catch the ball and it bounced off of her head instead. She declared with a giggle, "Okay, that's enough, the party's over!"