Thursday, February 19, 2009

Keeping a Calendar

My calendar was empty for today. I looked at it before going to bed last night with relief and thought that a free day without any appointments was just what I needed. Before going to sleep I made a plan to finish some laundry today and begin deep cleaning the house so that I could leave it in order next Tuesday. While Qavah and I are in North Carolina I want to have a clean home and food in the refrigerator back in Roanoke.

Plans can change in a hurry, can't they? Early this morning I had just answered a phone call from Kathryn telling me in a faint voice that something was wrong and that she needed to leave work, when the hospital called asking me to bring Qavah for her transfusion today. In a rare turn of events, Paul Burton had been asked to work at the hospital later than usual today and he wasn't needed until 3 o'clock. He stayed with Kathryn giving her electrolytes and Prednisone as needed. I returned home with Qavah before dinner and found Kathryn looking much better. It all worked out perfectly and here at the close of the day, Kathryn's fever has broken, Qavah's blood count is way up in the normal range, and I am just now beginning the list I had started on this morning. The washing machine and dryer are humming and I am about to sit down with a cup of coffee and catch up with Paul.

Somewhere along the way I have laid down my idol called "The Calendar" and let the Lord determine my steps. My heart is light and thankful tonight because of it. My day didn't go as planned and yet everything is perfectly fine at the Campbell home tonight.

A man makes his plans but the Lord determines his steps. Proverbs 16:9