Monday, February 09, 2009

My Daddy

I noticed that Qavah has been asking a question that is an indication to me that she has been given the heart to please her Daddy. Our conversations went like this today:

"I'm so happy that you like to help me in the kitchen, Qavah!"
Qavah responded to my praise with hopeful expectation, "Are you going to tell my Daddy?"

"Qavah thank you for picking up your toys."
"Are you going to tell my Daddy?" She asked with a satisfied grin.

"Qavah, Daddy will be so happy that you made a Q and a V with your cheerios!"
"Are you going to tell him, Mommy?"

Something in my heart leaps for joy when she asks that. I hope it is a preview of what is to come when she begins to trust her Heavenly Father, and knows the joy of having His approval. Her reward will be great. She will have peace, contentment, and dignity. That is what I have in my Abba Father. I thank Him for His goodness to me today.