Friday, February 13, 2009

Quick Change

Qavah has a high fever tonight. She had been telling me today that she was cold and wanted me to buy her a little coat when we were out shopping. I thought that was strange since she was already bundled up. It wasn't until we went to the pharmacy when she asked me to carry her that I discovered she was really hot. I brought her home and made her comfortable. She experiences fevers from time to time and they tend to reduce her red cell count very quickly. We're keeping an eye on it.

In other news Paul noticed that Qavah's two small teeth on the bottom are quite loose. He told her about her baby teeth coming out to make room for the bigger teeth and she didn't seem to like that idea very much. Once Kathryn started talking about the tooth fairy and money being left under her pillow, she changed her mind. Instantly my mind traveled back in time to Kathryn's experience with the tooth fairy. She woke up to find Paul in the process of leaving a dollar under her pillow. Unable to see very well she asked me the following morning if Daddy had a special outfit for being the tooth fairy. I was perplexed by that and asked, "What kind of outfit?" She replied, "Well, like pink tights." I still burst out laughing over that one.