Monday, February 02, 2009

The Railroad Tracks

I read something about two years ago that a friend sent to me. My memory is fuzzy after two years, but I saw a picture yesterday that reminded me of the article. It was an article about the events of life. This man observed that he used to think life was made up of good events and bad events and that they only came at us one at a time. So for awhile he would feel free and satisfied, until the next bump in the road. Then anxiety and frustration set in until a positive event changed his outlook once again. But as he grew older he observed that life was more like parallel events, like train tracks that are laid side by side with enough distance between them to hold the train on course. On the one track there is a continual line of the positive encouraging things that hold a lot of joy for us, while the other track holds conflict, broken relationships, and frustrations. The tracks run side by side in a particular direction but both the positive and negative life experiences are there running alongside each other. Therefore life is never completely perfect, but neither is it completely bleak. We are not in control of what lies ahead or around the bend. We are in control of our attitude as we travel the miles.