Friday, March 20, 2009

Blogging Medical History

This hasn't been an easy week for Kathryn. She was feeling bad again and I wasn't sure what to do for her. I picked her up from work early the past two days. Her electrolytes were off balance and she has had headaches for several days. As I was awake with her most of the night on Thursday we prayed and talked until the sun came up. Basically, as we were talking I told her that I was having an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach and the bottoms of my feet felt red hot. She told me that she had been having that problem also. I started thinking about the things we had been eating and drinking and the one thing we had in common was a glass of seltzer water before going to bed. She had gone shopping with her dad while I was in Florida and bought what she thought was going to be a great treat; flavored seltzer water. I went downstairs to the kitchen and read the bottle and discovered that the sweet taste in the seltzer came from Aspartame. Reviewing the facts, Kathryn started with the head ache about the time she started drinking the flavored seltzer water. We looked up the side effects of Aspartame on the internet and discovered that she had most of the symptoms of an allergic reaction to it, including difficulty breathing.

I wanted to blog about this so that I will have some documentation to remember the event. We don't typically use diet drinks, but rather mix fresh fruit juice with plain seltzer water. I'm glad we have had this experience. I'm also glad we figured out what was wrong so that Kathryn can avoid diet drinks made with Aspartame. Kathryn's skin is dotted with petechiae but she has the whole weekend to recover. Her hematologist saw her today and although her red cell count was a little low, her blood work looked fine. Compared to what we have dealt with in the past, this is nothing.

We hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you for reading and keeping up with the latest news.