Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Florida Vacation

Qavah is a great little traveler. She was thrilled with her trip to Florida and now understands what a "beach" is. She had a wonderful time collecting shells and playing in the sand. The weather was a balmy eighty degrees with a cool breeze off the Gulf. We had sunshine every day. It was perfect for us. With Aunt Lil and Uncle Tony we toured St. Petersburg, ate ice cream twice on the pier, watched a variety of birds by the water, and learned how to play Going on a Lion Hunt; a game Aunt Lil learned in Africa. There were too many happy things to recount. Qavah smiled continually. We were free to enjoy the sunshine and Qavah's health and strength held steady all week. Her appetite was very good after the days at the beach, so I am sure she has gained a little bit of weight as well.

When I arrived at the house on Treasure Island, I looked in the mirror and thought, "Who is that old, tired, woman in the mirror!" While resting in Florida, I began to feel stronger. The rest that I had away from doctor appointments, schedules, and cooking, gave me the energy I needed to come home and look at the calendar again.

There are several upcoming doctor visits and Qavah's transfusion, but I feel so much more capable of meeting the needs of my family. I am so grateful to Aunt Lil, Uncle Tony, and Aunt Lois, who enjoyed every bit of the time they had with Qavah. They gave me my meals, and gave me a peaceful vacation. I am grateful for the early morning devotions and prayers that Uncle Tony provided to lift my spirit and remind me that God sees and knows my heart. Toward the end of our vacation in Florida, we were all quoting Qavah, saying, "Happy, happy, me!"