Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Fourth Child

As Kathryn and I pulled up to the curb of a nearby department store I told her how wonderful she looked and how much fun it was going to be to shop again. We were looking for an Easter dress for Qavah and since we all like ruffles and pink I thought we were all going to enjoy ourselves very much. Kathryn and I looked at the variety of dresses thinking about how Qavah might like them but something in the corner near the dress department drew her attention more than anything else. She was intently finding an ensemble of her own.

We didn't find a dress but bought the bat and ball. After dinner tonight I asked Paul Burton to throw the ball to Qavah a few times so she could swing her bat a time or two. I suggested he pitch the ball to her in the front hall. He looked shocked and said, "Mom, why would I throw the ball in the front hall where the breakable lamps and chandelier are?" I said, "Don't worry about that." He leaned forward in his chair and exclaimed, "Who are you and what have you done with my mother!?" Yes, enough said about child number four; they get away with a lot more.