Monday, March 30, 2009

Health Update

Kathryn has posted a health report on her site. Her health has been improving at the Campbell-Home Hospital. The food is better, the nursing care is better, and there is nothing like being in your own bed. If Kathryn can manage to keep still a few more days, she should be able to get around and keep mending without further damage to her rib. There have been things she can work on to keep her mind busy, and that always helps.

I took Qavah for her blood work today and another transfusion has been ordered for Thursday. She is used to the routine. This afternoon at the lab she lifted her sleeve and felt for a vein. When she found one, the nurse let her wipe the area with the alchohol wipe. Once the blood was drawn she picked a Dora the Explorer bandaid and Cinderella stickers to take home to her collection. All of that was done in under five minutes with no fuss. That amazes me every time.

The health reports I've written here do not include how many nights we were awake all night, nor do they focus on the hardships of controlling pain and prednisone levels. But tonight on my "power walk" I poured my heart out to my friend and walking partner. She listened with compassion and we ended our walk as we always do with prayer. Our walks take the edge off of the stress. I am so thankful for Linda. She has to be so flexible but we do manage to work our walks into both of our schedules. Some days I fall into bed dog tired. But when the girls health takes a turn for the better, and they are strong and healthy, my heart rejoices in a way I would never know if it weren't for the days that push me beyond what I think I can give. The strength to keep going comes from the source of life itself. I could not manage without God's amazing grace.