Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday in March

We have had a good weekend. By Friday, Kathryn had gained ten pounds of water weight and still had difficulty breathing. But slowly her body is recovering from her reaction to aspertame found in her sweetened seltzer water. She said this evening that she feels like getting on the computer again to check in on friends and add a blog entry. That is a good sign.

The tooth fairy made another stop at our house last night. Qavah now has two missing teeth and is enjoying sticking her tongue out through the gap in her lower teeth. She told me that she hoped the tooth fairy would leave her tooth so that she could still play with it. We must have a very understanding tooth fairy because the tooth along with a dollar bill was left under her pillow this morning.

When Qavah and I were waiting for our fight to Florida a few weeks ago, a young boy around six years old was also jumping around smiling with a toothless grin. An older gentleman looked at the boy and asked the boy's mother how much the tooth fairly leaves for a tooth these days and she sheepishly replied, "The last tooth to come out cost the tooth fairy forty dollars." I was so thankful that Qavah has no idea what the words "forty dollars" meant, and she was happy with her "paper dollar" as she calls it.

I am loving being Qavah's mother. This afternoon she curled up in my arms in the rocking chair and I watched her sleep for over an hour. It was so peaceful. We also are reminded daily of the little things that have come into our lives because of having a five-year-old. As we joined hands to pray recently my husband quoted Madeline's mealtime prayer, "We love our bread, we love our butter, but most of all we love each other." Amen!