Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Day

We have had enough rain to turn the grass bright green and when the sun is shining the world outside my window looks like it has been color enhanced. We used the swings today. My friend Amy saw us out on the swings and doubled back to my driveway to join us. There was laughter and plenty of sunshine. Kathryn remained in the house and we communicated by telephone.

I am so thankful for the day Kathryn had. Tomorrow she is going to try to use the stairs and prepare her own meals. It is slow going but necessary that she begins to take over her care. I will be at the hospital with Qavah all morning for her transfusion. I am already anticipating that when I come home, Kathryn will be grinning over her accomplishments.

The nurse from the endocrinologist's office called the other day and said that everyone there is astonished that Kathryn is working. She told me that there are many people wanting to be put on permanent disability for the smallest things, and Kathryn puts them all to shame. That is not her goal, but she wants to live a full life, and for now that means being able to enjoy the ability to work. She knows that finding pleasure in her work is a gift from God.