Sunday, April 12, 2009

Buds and Blooms

We have been watching spring unfold like someone opening a Christmas gift taking great care not to tear the paper. As blooms unfurl oh so slowly, they are met with sunshine one day, and bitter cold rain the next. Many of the buds are still holding out for truly warm spring weather to show off. We have enjoyed a glorious sunny day today so I walked down to the pond on our property to pick a few daffodils. This was a perfectly beautiful Easter Sunday. I don't want to believe the weather forecast for tomorrow. On this picture perfect day, how am I to believe that tomorrow will be rainy, windy, and very cold for this time of year in the south?

As it is with the circumstances that come along in life, sometimes it is better not to know the forecast or when the rain will fall in our lives. So for today, I am enjoying my family and happy for the peace that fills our home. Whatever rain may fall this week, I have the sunshine of this day to enjoy. Kathryn is much better and so is Qavah. And our Savior has risen indeed. Happy Easter to all.