Friday, April 24, 2009

Finally Friday

I enjoyed reading the responses to the last post where I wrote about Qavah's blanket. It obviously stirred up some cozy memories for some of you who have had the rich blessing of being covered with a deliciously warm blanket right when you needed it most. Kathryn got one of her own today. Her Remicade treatment at the hospital went very smoothly. While snuggling under her blanket and listening to good music on her mp3 player, Kathryn slept the afternoon away.

While Kathryn stayed at the hospital, Qavah and I went shopping. Qavah wore a little apron today with the pockets stuffed with Valentines. She started shopping with sixty Winnie-the-Pooh Valentines and by the time we had finished our shopping she had handed out fifty of them. One woman told her that it was the first Valentine she had gotten for a long time and she was going to show it to her friends. The lady's happiness made Qavah even more determined to give them all out. These two ladies were smiling after receiving their Valentines and Qavah left the store blowing kisses to half a dozen people on the way out.

My friend Helen came to stay for a few days at the beginning of this week. I always enjoy our time together. Helen likes to read and always has something new and interesting to talk about. We visited a beautiful park and enjoyed the spring weather before she headed north. I'm so happy to have a little camera in my purse at all times. I find that photo opportunities come along at least once a day.

A few weeks ago, Paul went to a new eye doctor. Her office is actually inside the Wal-Mart near our home. Her name is Kari Boothe, O.D. When he first stepped into the office she was sanitizing the equipment between patients. Paul thanked her and explained that he has to be careful around germs because of his daughters. She looked at him and said, "You're Kathryn Campbell's Dad! I read your blog every day." She explained that she had heard Kathryn and me speak at Grand Rounds and started reading our blog. There are 51,000 people who have looked at our blog since we started counting them in January of 2007. I sometimes wonder who they all are and so it was a pleasure to meet Kari. She also had a lollipop, paper, and crayons for children in her waiting room. Therefore, Qavah enjoyed the visit, too. With my convenient little camera, I snapped a picture of her with the girls when I ran into her on a recent shopping trip.

I wake up in the morning feeling that every day is a gift. My pictures today are snapshots of special people God brings into my life for a moment or for a lifetime. I used to be out and about several days a week. I taught Bible studies and volunteered for worthy causes. But the girls are my main ministry now and many times we are forced to be at home with health challenges. I have a calligraphy verse on my dresser that I see when I first wake up in the morning that reads, "Your Greatest Ministry Is In Your Own Home And To Your Own Family." That is certainly true for me and helps me value my role as a wife and mother. But when the girls can be out and about, I enjoy watching them as they bless others in the world around them.