Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Marvel of Being Made By God

I just finished emailing this video to my children. I sent them a note along with the You Tube website. Kathryn came downstairs just a few seconds ago sniffling, and said, "Mom you have to share this on the blog." So as I am still wiping my tears, please enjoy this wonderful "Reversal of Destiny"

Dear Family,

I thought I would pass along this little You Tube gem. I had my Kleenex and was sobbing at the end. I just went to Bible Study this past Wednesday night and learned about the term "Reversal of Destiny." That term is used as an explanation by theologians. Throughout the entire Bible the stories depict man going one way, and then having an encounter with God that completely changes their destiny.

This video is an example of a reversal of destiny. This woman lives alone in Scotland with her cat, Pebbles. She is 47, has never been kissed, and at the time of this recording was looking for a job. This is a Reversal of Destiny that thrills my heart. What moves me most is knowing that God has done the same thing for our family, and because of Jesus, we all have a "Reversal of Destiny." Enjoy.

Love, Mom

To view this video, click here: Susan Boyle.